May 12, 2006

Well, we did not move today as expected.  We got up and decided to stay here 2 more days.  We emptied the tanks today, the first time since we left last Friday.  Depending on how we use water, we can usually get between 7 and 10 days on 55 gal of water.  That includes, showers, toilet, doing dishes, coffee, etc.  We went to a nearby town named Seneca.  According to the sign, the population is about 8200.  It appears that this is a growing city, because when we got there, we found a bunch of  chain stores.  WalMart, Lowes, Big Lots, Dollar General, McDonalds, Dollar Tree, Staples, and on and on.  We did do something today we haven't done in years.  We ate Little Caesars Pizza.   We always liked their pizza, however, there are non located at home anymore.  So, when we started to see them in this area, we decided to treat ourselves to some, along with the Crazy Bread.  We found a couple of thrift stores, finally found some Pennzoil 20-50 weight.  For some reason, frequently, that weight isn't carried.  Had a minor issue this afternoon.  Went to start the Motor Home and it acted as though the battery was dead.  Not knowing what else to try, I cleaned the battery terminals, and wires that connect to them, and low and behold, it worked.  Amazing how little it takes to mess things up.  Anyhow, a 10 minute minor maintenance issue, corrected things and we were on our way.  We came back to the campground, leveled the rig, and took the rest of the day off.  By then it was 5:30, so it was time to relax anyway.   Nothing too terribly exciting, I know, but that's the way it was.

Seneca, South Carolina.  Where we visited today.  Made of stone.

Obviously, this is a convenience store.  First time I've heard of this chain.

Water tower seen on the drive between Seneca and Fair Play.

Also saw a farm looking like this.

And just down the road we see something like this.

And then just a short distance, there is this.

Also, another one just down the road.

And then another one of these.

Then there are houses like this.

And then there is the entrance to Thousand Trails.

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