May 13, 2006




I put this on Saturday's page, because no one will be reading this until Sunday, which is Mothers Day.

Today is Saturday, the 13th of May.  We slept in a little bit, took showers, ate and headed just over the state line to Georgia.  Since we are only 4 miles from the state line, I thought we would go there and see what they have in their Welcome Center.  We found a some interesting brochures in the Welcome Center.  We'll see if we actually are able to get there in the next week or so.  I must comment on the Welcome Center.  It has by far the largest parking lot for Rv's and Trucks that we have seen on this trip so far.  I don't know if all of their Welcome Centers are like this or not, but this thing was huge.  The actual building isn't all that large, but on counting the number of spaces for the Rv's and Trucks numbered about 60.  The spaces were very wide, with plenty of space to swing into and out of the parking spaces.  They also had a dump station back there that was very clean.  I don't know how often it gets used, but it looked very nice (as far as dump stations go).  While we were there, we decided to take a walk around the parking lot in the back (for exercise), and while we were walking we happeded upon several Killdeer.  There were a couple of parents, and 4 babies.  The babies were fairly small, and couldn't fly yet, so they were probably only a couple of days old.  We did manage to get a couple of pictures, although the pictures aren't very good.  I used too much zoom on the camera lens, and it tends to distort the picture when doing so. 

Anyhow, after our walk, we came back into South Carolina and headed back to the town of Seneca.  While at WalMart on Friday, we purchased some oil for the Motorhome.  When we got back to the campground, I looked at the receipt that I had, and noticed that they had only charged us for one of the two containers of oil that we bought.  So we went back today, and paid for the other one.  We also took in the local Salvation Army Thrift Store, stopped at Lowes, picked up a small piece of plywood that I need to modify the step going into the Motor Home, and checked out a couple of other thrift stores.  We didn't buy anything at the thrift stores though.  We came back to the campground and had supper.  That was pretty much our day today.  We'll leave here tomorrow morning, and head for who knows where.  Later.

Welcome to Georgia sign along I85.

Stopping at the Welcoming Center - they have dump stations.  This one was very clean.  The dump station, not the sign.

They also have these signs posted.  I don't know how well they enforce it.

They have a huge parking lot for Trucks and Rv's in back of the Welcome Center.  This is only about 1/2 of it.  If you look closely you can see the front of the Motor Home in the center of the picture.

This is the other half of the parking lot from the other direction.  Again our Motorhome is in the center.  I counted about 60 large spaces for parking large rigs.  Definately the largest Welcome Center we have seen so far on this trip.

Not a very good picture, but in the lower right corner is a Momma Killdeer.  In the upper left are 3 baby Killdeer.

Here is a baby Killdeer in the lower left, and the Momma in the upper right.

Here is a baby Killdeer that was running away from us as we were walking.  The curb, to the left, was too high for it to jump up over, and it could not fly yet.  All it could do was run.

The South Carolina welcome sign coming back into the state, leaving Georgia.

A house located near Fair Play, South Carolina.

It's difficult to see, but this is an ex-uhaul truck.  It is being used currently as a logging truck.  If you look close, there are several dark colored uprights behind the cab, all the way to the back.  Those are what keeps the logs from rolling off the sides of the truck while in motion.

And another house and trailer within the city limits of Fair Play, SC.  Ya just never know what you are gonna see around the next bend.  If you look at the bottom of the picture, his garden is coming along just fine.

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