May 14, 2006

Currently in Athens, Georgia.  We left Thousand Trails this morning, and went to a Flea/Farmers Market near Anderson, South Carolina.  There were hundreds of vendors, some selling food, clothing, jewelry, furniture, you name it and it was there, including the cutest little puppies.  We spent about 2 hours walking through the place, and didn't buy anything.  Didn't spend a penny.  Go figure.  Anyhow, we did enjoy the looking part.  We then left there, and headed southwest towards Athens, Ga. along route 29 which is mostly 2 lane highway.  The landscape has changed somewhat, as opposed to mountainous South Carolina, the part of Georgia we have seen so far, has mostly been small rolling hills.  Passed by a goat farm, and several farms where there were the large round bales of hay in the field.  Anyhow, it was an interesting day, just looking at the scenery, and enjoying the view.  Below are pictures of a Lake that was created by a Dam, although not as impressive as the Hoover Dam, is still quite an accomplishment in itself.  We finally settled in, in Athens, Ga. for the evening.  Here in Athens, Sprint broadband internet is available.  It's great to have a little speed again.  Well, anyway, I guess I'll close for tonight.  Hope everyone had a happy Mothers Day.

Saw a bunch of these along the way.  Fireworks seems to be fairly popular in these parts.

View of Lake Hartwell.  This is on the South Carolina side.

Another view of Lake Hartwell.

And even another view of Lake Hartwell.

And one final view of the lake.

This is the reason for the lake.  This is the Hartwell Dam, electric generation station.

Now we hit the Georgia side.

Being slightly downstream of the dam, this warning should be heeded.  There was another sign that if you hear a horn sound, to head for the banks, and get out of the water.  Sounds like sound advice.  (no pun intended)

Another view of the dam from a distance.  I believe the round things toward the left side of the dam, is the generation stations.  There are more of them that cannot be seen from this view.

Shot of the water near the banks of the river - nice and clean.

A closer view of the dam, if you look closely, there are 2 people in the center of the picture, just left of the pillar holding up the bridge.

Found another one of these, which is similar to the Waffle House.  We ate at one of these in North Carolina - not this one.

Lousy picture of a John Deer.  Hey, whadda ya expect at 45 mph.

I'm not sure what this guy was trying to accomplish.  This is an older Chevette, and was a lousy green in color.

This is closer to the color this thing actually was.  It looks like he put a hood scoop on it, using one of those boxes that you put a newspaper, or Merchandiser in.  The one on the hood, has a plastic pipe, I am assuming, feeding fresh air into the engine.  Note the bungie cord either holding up the bunper, or holding the headlight in place, or both.

Close up of the hood scoop.

Close up of the scoop on the roof.  I have no idea why.

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