May 15, 2006

Here we are in Milledgeville, Ga. this evening.  This morning I called around a found an Auto Repair Parts House, and had them mix some paint that should match fairly closely with the paint on the Motor Home.  It has a couple of spots on the door, where the paint has peeled off, and I want to cover that up.  If I can clean the rust off, and get some paint on there, it may look a whole lot better.  They have a device that takes a reading of the paint, and then the computer matches what is on the vehicle, or at least reasonably close.  Sometime while on the trip, I want to try and apply this, and hopefully, it will match fairly close.  After purchasing the paint, we drove around the town a little and found a laundromat.  Seemed like a good  time to do  the wash, so in we went.  While the clothes were washing, we visited a nice little Deli next door.  Bought a couple of BLT's for lunch.  After doing the laundry, we walked across the street to an Organic Food Store.  Looking around in the store, which seemed to be doing a good business, I noticed that there were no fat people there, (except me), and remarked to Sherry after we left, that even if the food tastes good, the prices will stop one from overeating.  Pictured below are some examples.  After leaving there, we headed for Lowes, and bought a few Stainless Steel screws to replace some on the door of the Motor Home that have been rusting and leaving streaks down the door.  While driving around Athens, we saw a bunch of Bulldog Statues, some of which are pictured below.  Leaving Athens we drove South on Route 441at a leisurely pace towards Milledgeville.  Along the way there were several small fruit stands, goat farms, cattle farms, and such.  We stopped at one stand, bought some jelly, peaches, and pickled garlic.  The pickled garlic really doesn't have a very strong taste.  The jelly doesn't have a strong garlic taste either.  Anyway, here we are in Milledgeville, Ga for the evening.  Below are the pictures for today.  Hope you enjoy them.  We sure enjoyed taking them.

Bulldogs, all over town.  I suppose you've heard of the Georgia Bulldogs.  Well, Athens, Ga. is the home of the University of Georgia.  The town has these things on a lot of different street corners, just like Harrisburg, Pa. did the cows a while back.

Another Bulldog, outside of one of the Apartment Buildings used by some students of the University.

Another one at the town square of Athens.

Here's a sweetheart, all dressed up and no place to go, bulldog style.

How about a George Washington Bulldog?  Cool, huh?

Here's a coffee shop on the corner with - you guessed it, a Bulldog on the corner.

Close up of the Jittery Joe's  Coffee Roasting Company.  Guess Joe had a little too much Caffein, when he named the place.

Went into an all Organic Grocery Store.  You think regular food is expensive at the grocery store?  How about $2.29 for a can of Mushroom Soup?  Makes Campbells prices look pretty good.

How about Tomato Sout for $2.59 a can?  Chicken Noodle was $3.49.  Wow!

Here's a little Deli that we ate lunch at today.  This was a couple of doors down from the Laundrymat where we did wash today.  The food was very good.  After seeing the people there, it seemed like a relaxed atmosphere, and they seemed to do a very good business.

As you can see, this is an apartment building above the Deli, and a couple of other small shops on street level.  It seemed nice and clean, and the U-Haul van was being loaded by a College Graduate, and her parents.  Were they having fun or what? Not.

This is one of the many Dorms in the town.  Many of the Dorms looked like they would have been mansions in days gone by.  Some were much larger and more decorative than this one.

This picture is not very good, but it is a little fruit stand that we stopped at along RT 441 heading South from Athens, and headed toward Milledgeville, Ga.  We bought some Peaches, Pickled Garlic, and Garlic Jelly.  Yummmmm.

Then of course there is the occasional old falling down barn.

What would a trip be without getting at least on picture of the Route you're on?  This was taken South of Athens, Ga.

Here is another Fruit Stand along Rt 441.  There are many of these stands all over the place.  This is just another one along the way.

I missed part of the 1st car, perhaps someone knows what it is.

Also, some stands selling Peanuts.  Remember, Georgia, is Peanut Country.

We saw these stacks from a distance, and the first was enormous, compared to the other 4.

Closer picture.  Eventually, we found out that this was part of a power company.

An Rv Park located right next to a Lake.

Slightly larger picture of the same Rv Park by the Lake.

And of course, another Bulldog for the Grand Opening of a Housing Sales Lot.

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