May 16, 2006

We've moved a little farther south today.  Tonight we are in Douglas, Georgia.  We are probably about 50 or 60 miles from the Florida state line.  I think we will start heading in a westerly direction tomorrow.  We left Milledgeville this morning and followed route 441 South.  This is mostly 2 lane, partly 3 lane, and some 4 lane.  This route is a nice relaxing drive with plenty of scenery.  Unfortunately, there is not always time to get the camera turned on and get a good picture.  However, there are some below that we managed to get snapped.  Temperatures today were in the mid to upper 70's.  Sun was out full, and bright. You know, really tough to take.  Well, it's getting late, and I think it's about bedtime.  Will try to post a better description tomorrow.

Rear view of old car.  Looks kinda like an old Ford, but I'm not sure.  It seemed kind of small for the early to mid 50's Fords.

Frontal view of the same car.

A rather large house in Milledgeville.

Think about the upkeep and taxes on a place like this.  Wow.

This is supposed to be a scenery shot, but in the southern part of Georgia, it is fairly flat, so we weren't able to get other.  If you look close in the center, there is some hilly terrain in the distance.

Welcome sign for a town on the way to Douglas.

JUGS = Jim's Ultimate Guitar Shop.  What a way to advertise..

This place is the pitts.  Pitts Toyota, that is......

Although the picture is distorted because of the Motor Home windshield, this is a very nice house, and surrounding yard.

This is a grocery store in the town of Douglas, Ga..  Who knew?

No, we didn't photograph the church, this is a shot of a couple of Magnolia Trees.

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