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Ah, yes, Broadband Internet Again!  It's great.  We are in Quincy, Florida.  Just a few miles northwest of Tallahassee, Florida.  That would be in the Panhandle of Florida, just in case you didn't know.  We actually are only 15 or so miles south of the Georgia line, so we're not all that far into Fl.  Well, I promised more pictures, and they are here.  Today was a good day.  We passed the local Wal Mart last night and gas was $2.63.9 a gallon.  This morning it was $2.59.9, so we filled up.  Actually, the last several fill  ups have been at $2.59.9.  As of today, we have traveled about about 1657 miles since we left home. For those that like numbers, that is an average of 127.461 miles per day.  Definately not gonna set any speed records like that.   If we had taken the shortest, most direct route, it would have only been about 1050 miles or so.  That shows how much we have been wandering around, instead of taking a direct route to here. However, there are many things we would not have seen as well.  We are now averaging  about  8 miles per gallon.  That is probably not too bad, since we have been traveling the secondary roads, and hit a lot of towns, with traffic lights, and stop and go driving.  The further south we get the more the ground is changing to the sandy type.  It has been getting lighter in color, and now when we get out, it is definately sandy.  Today, we traveled about 160 miles.  At lunch time we just pulled off the road, and fixed lunch while looking out the drivers side windows at a Georgia swamp.  That's one of the neat things about having your home on wheels.  You get to see lots of great things and places that others will miss, that don't travel.  How can you explain the feelings you experience, while sitting along the roadside, looking at some new to us experience, having the freedom to stop when and where you like, and view all the greatness that exists?  It's just not easy to explain, but a thrill to experience.  Well anyway, it was a nice day with all the sights and sounds one sees along the way, 99.999% of which cannot be captured on film.  Anyway, enough of that, tomorrow we will head further west, and see what's around the next bend.  There are 2 pages of pictures this time, so at the bottom, click on the link for the next set.  Hope you enjoy them.

Last night when we passed Wal Mart, the price of gas was $2.639 per gallon.  This morning it had dropped $.04 per gallon.  Yehaw, saved a whole $1.47 on nearly 37 gallons of gas.

View of a farm and related buildings, south of Douglas, Georgia.

Picture of one of the fields in southern Georgia.

Nothing like having lunch with this as a view outside.  One of the neatest things about traveling in an rv is, you're never stuck with the same old view out your kitchen window.  If you don't like the view, or the neighbors, you can just move.

Picture of swamp taken from inside the Motor Home.

Picture of tree with moss growing all over that sucker.

This is a picture of a type of Moss growing on a bunch of trees in this part of the country.  It has a sort of soft feel.  Sherry thinks it might be Spaghnum Moss, but we're not sure.  Not sure if  I have it spelled right or not.

Kind of dark picture, but this is where we stopped for lunch.  Just pulled off the road, and shut down.  You can see the swamp in the background.

Here's a better picture of where we stopped for lunch, with a swamp on the other side of the road.  The previous pictures of the swamp were taken from inside the motorhome.  It's what we saw while we were eating lunch.

The ground here is partially sandy, and is visible in the picture.  This is not just an exposure problem with the pictue.  The ground actually is that light in color.

A shot of the landscape in Southern Georgia.

In the center of the picture, if you look close, there is a large hole in the ground.  Towards the right side, there is a backhoe digging.  The soil is fairly sandy here, as is visible in the picture.

It's hard to tell from the picture, but, the end of the road that you can see, is about 2 miles away.

Another nice house sitting back from the road.  It, and it's grounds, were well tanken care of.

Rows, and rows, and rows of crops.  If you look at the soil here, it is very sandy, just as the picture shows.

Nice, fairly new house and garage sitting way  back off the road in the middle of a field.

Picture of a modern home along the road, sitting back from a row of large oak trees.  There is one in front of the house, but there is a whole string of them along this side of the road.  The windshield distorts the house a little on the right hand side.

Here is a picture of an old house, built on brick pilasters, no basement, a little run down, and if you look closely, there are 2 guys sitting on the front porch, having a conversation.  Life is good.

Yep, Welcome to Florida, this afternoon.  Definately the Sunshine State today.

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