May 17, 2006  Page 2

Here is the sign of the little store we stopped at in Havana, Florida.

This is the building the General Store is in.  They have a lot of unique items here, and is definately worth the stop.

Here's one of the first things we saw after we stepped inside the store.  Steak sauce anyone?

Then of course is the barbeque sauce.  Sorry about the lousy picture.

Then of course is the set of tools, that have been decorated, for the feminine side.  Decorated utility knife, tape measure, scissors, pliers, etc., even a hammer.

This one may be difficult to see, but it says, "Born to Garden, Forced to Work" .

Here are some examples of enameled pots, pans, and so on.  If you look in the upper left hand corner, there is even a butter dish in this style.  First time I've seen one of those.  Cool, huh?  The sign in the upper right says "If you're smokin in my kitchen, You'd better be on Fire".

And here we have a few more examples, of a large pot, some plates, a large soup or cereal bowl, and a butter dish..

This is the flower on a Magnolia tree.

And of course, a slightly larger version, although not as clear.

Here is a line of old trees as we entered the town of Quincy.  Even though this is a picture, how do you describe the overall impact that a view like this has on a person?

Another store we haven't talked about, is Dollar General.  Since we have been in Virginia, I think every town we have been through, has one of  these.  It doesn't seem to matter what size the town, is, there seems to be one in every town.  Not all of them have a shopping cart sitting in the middle of the parking lot though.

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