May , 2006

Ok, here we are in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  That is about 60 miles or so north of the Biloxi / Gulfport area, which is along the Gulf of Mexico.  We left Daphne this morning and headed north in order to miss going through Mobile, Alabama.  We drove up to route I65 and then headed west towards Mississippi.  Before we got to Mobile, we started taking back roads heading towards Mississippi.  What I didn't realize until today, is the amount of area that is just forest land.  During our backroad travels we entered the state of Mississippi, and didn't even know it.  Evidently, they don't mark the county roads when you enter a different  state.  We were looking for a sign to take a picture, but there was none.  So, we arrived in Miss. without any fanfare.  We did find a Hardware store this morning to go through.  Didn't buy anything, just looked around.  It was a newer store, even though we prefer the old ones, we went in and looked anyway.  The good stuff is always in the old ones.  So, along the way, getting close to Hattiesburg, we began seeing houses with the roofs covered with blue tarps.  The closer we got to Hattiesburg, the more we saw.  I took a few pictures, but there were dozens that we saw like this.  I presumed that this was due to the wrath of Katrina.  After arriving at Hattiesburg, we went to a Sonic drive in, (food, drive in), and I asked the one waitress about it, and she said yes, this was due to the Hurricane.  I asked why so many were still not fixed, being it was just a roof, so long after the damage, and she said she had no idea. She also said she had been down to the Gulf Coast about 2 weeks ago, and it still looks pretty much like it did shortly after the Hurricane.  A lot of it still looks like a war zone.  We also noted that there were many new roofs in this area.  It was really strange, because, one house would be damaged, and the next was untouched.  Anyhow, the pictures below are the ones we took today.  Enjoy.

Started off the morning seeing a dog on the back of a pickup truck.  He was standing and just decided to lay down, and take a nap.

Larger pictuer, not as clear, of same dog.

Driving down I65 for a short distance, we saw these guys in a boat.

This was a view of I65 headed West/South.  That is water between the two different directions.

This is a shot of the scenery in southern Alabama.  It was almost nothing but trees in every direction.  I had no idea.

Here is another shot with nothing but forest.

This is again a scenic view, although not very clear, there is nothing but trees on the horizon.

Rv Park along the I65 roadway.

This is a view of on of the back roads we were on today, moving from Alabama to Mississippi.

After some of the house pictures I shot earlier, I thought a couple of nice houses was in order.

And another one, in nice shape.

And even another.  These houses were all in Alabama.

Another scenic shot from an Alabama back road.  Nuthin' but trees.

This is the equivalent of our "hidden driveway".

And another view of an Alabama back road.

This is in Mississippi.  Note the thermometer reading 94.

Just before Hattiesburg, Mississippi, we began seeing stuff like this.  This is from Katrina.  This is also about 60 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico.  I didn't expect to see this stuff in this area.

And of course, someone in a Limo.

Another Katrina damaged roof.  Note the blue tarp nailed to the roof.

Another Katria casualty.  The roof  has been covered by a tarp.

Just a beautiful old large house in Hattiesburg.

5 kids riding around in a beat up car.  All the windows were down, and the back window was broken out, in addition to not having any license plates on it.  The left door is dented, as is the trunk lid.  Looked like they were trying to have some fun, though.

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