May 21, 2006

Today is the 21st of May.  We left Hammond, La. and headed west.  We traveled on I-12 west until it became I-10, which took us through Baton Rouge, La.  After crossing the Mississippi River, we took an exit fairly quickly to visit the Visitors Center for the area, just to see what they had or recommended.  Met a very nice woman there, who gave us a map, and a couple of brochures, and showed us a couple of books that were available (not at the Visitors Center) that dealt with Hurricane Katrina.  The books looked very interesting, so we asked for directions to the nearest bookstore, and headed in that direction.  Back across the Mississippi River again.  Found the bookstore, very good directions by the way, and headed west again on I-10.  Shortly after crossing the Mississippi River a 3rd time, we headed north to route 190.  This is 4 lane divided highway, and brought us in to the town of Opelousas, La.  This is about 60 miles west of Baton Rouge and about 90 miles or so from the Texas state line.  Perhaps, or not, we might make it to somewhere in Texas tomorrow.  We'll see how the day goes.

On a side note, if you look at a map of Mississippi, find the coastal town of  GulfPort, and look to the west a little bit, you will find a town called Pass Christian.  This town was also virtually wiped off the map during Katrina.  When we drove along the coast, we actually went through there and couldn't tell that there had been any town there.  It just kind of blended in with the rest of the beach.  What caught my eye, was the Wal Mart that was in that town.  We saw that one and photographed it.  It will be posted in a new section on this website along with about 200 other pictures.

Anyhow, that is probably it for today.  I am spending some time trying to get the other portion of this website ready for the posting of the pictures of what the Gulf coast looks like now, as compared to before Katrina.

This was actually taken on the Saturday on the way into Louisiana along route I-12.

Also taken Saturday entering the city of Hammond, La.

In the city of  Hammond, taken for the old truck shown, getting ready to make a left turn.

Somewhat closer view of same truck.

And of course, we had to have a good side view.

This was found in the parking lot.  Looks like about a 1960 or so Chevrolet Station Wagon.  It does have a hood scoop on it.

And this was a hot rod in the same parking lot.

Taken on Sunday crossing the Mississippi River around Baton Rouge, La.

Also taken of the Mississippi River.

And another barge heading upstream on the Mighty Mississippi.

Also, a cruise ship at dock on the Mississippi.

Larger picture of the same ship.

Found this heading north  to get on route 190.  I've never seen one where the ends open up like this.

Finally, some flat land being used for farming.

Any body for a a large Dr. Pepper?

And more farming land west of Baton Rouge.

And of course, what would any road be without a bridge?

Or two.

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