May 22, 2006

I am not going to post any pictures tonight.  I have been working on the pictures for the GulfPort area, and did not have time to do the pictures for today.  I will tell you that we left this morning and headed west along route 190 in Louisiana.  We followed that until it turned into route 12, and then in the western end of the state, we picked up route 109 south and got onto I-10 west.  Only a few short miles later we were in Texas.  We stopped at the first exit, which was the Visitors Welcome Center and picked up some literature.  Haven't had time to really look at it yet, but we will, and it looks like there is plenty to see in this state.  Anyhow, we are just 7 miles or so inside the Texas line, at Orange, Tx.  We are less than 100 miles from our destination, so we should make it there tomorrow.  So, I guess that is about all the major news for this evening.  Tomorrow, I will try to post the pictures for today, and also get some or all of the Katrina pictures up.