May 24, 2006

We are here at Thousand Trails next to Lake Conroe.  The actual address is for Willis, Tx.  When I made reservations, I made them for 2 weeks.  We don't have to stay that long, but with the holiday weekend coming up, we decided to stay put for at least a week, but it will probably be the full 2 weeks.  Tomorrow, we are going to rent a car for a week, so we can travel around the area a little bit.  I think that with the reduction in gas usage, we will come out ahead, instead of feeding the motorhome gas.  Perhaps we will go to the Escapees rv club tomorrow, after we pick up the car.  Then again, maybe not.  We had someone come in the park today with a pop up camper, and they backed in beside us for a few minutes, then pulled out and relocated to a larger site.  With all the stuff they had in the back of their truck, I can see why.  I took 2 pictures of it, that are posted below.  It looks like they brought everything except the kitchen sink.  Anyhow, the most exciting thing we did today, was take a walk tonight for about 30 minutes.  Temperatures today were in the mid 90's.  Anyhow, that's the news for tonight, tomorrow I will try  to take some additional pictures.

Here is how they came in.  The wife drove the rig here, and then they got out, and the man backed the rig in.  I guess she doesn't back up well, I don't know.

Just in case you did not get a good look at the one above, here is a close up of the back of the truck.  I was impressed.

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