May 25, 2006

Well, today is Thursday, and we called the Enterprise Car Rental company this morning, and they came out to pick us up at Thousand Trails.  We went back to their office, we filled out the paperwork, and were on our way.  I had sent in an order last night online for the smallest car they had, and when we arrived there, the smallest thing they had was a Ford Taurus.  When asked if it was acceptable, I said I ordered a cheaper car than that, and they said, no charge for the upgrade.  That was the smallest thing they had to rent now, so we took it.  Anyone who knows me, knows I am not a Ford person, and this one is no exception.  Overall, it is an okay vehicle, and seems to drive nicely, but I wouldn't spend my own money to purchase one of these.  When in the drivers seat, I can't see past the windshield wipers up front, and when looking in the rear view mirror, the last thing I can see is where the window meets the rear deck lid.  I personally do not like that.  There is a few feet front and rear, that I have no idea where it's at.  I prefer to see the 4 corners of the vehicle, thank you very much.

Anyhow, after picking up the rental, we headed to Cracker Barrel for lunch, and then headed for the Livingston, Tx post office for a package that was waiting for us.  Everything arrived intact.  Left there and headed for the Escapees Headquarters.  Meet several nice folks there at the park, the office and the Care Center.  We were given a small tour and were allowed to drive around the grounds, (being members), and see the entire park.  I had no idea that the grounds was as large as it is.  The majority of the sites were for permanent sites.  That kind of surprised me.  Some people had houses built on their site, some had a concrete pad with their rv under and awning, and others had their rv in the open.  There are nearly 200 permanent sites,  about 135 or so sites for rv'ers to come and go, and about 25 or so other sites.  Overall it is a nice facility, and the people are friendly.  We left there and headed back toward Thousand Trails, which is about a 50 mile drive one way.  I only got to take a couple of pictures today, and my camera batteries went dead, so I will recharge them tonight, and will be ready for tomorrow.  I guess that is all for today.

Apparantly, I zoomed in a little too close, while trying to get a shot of the leaves of this tree, and that's why it's out of focus.  The only reason for taking it, was Sherry wondered what kind it was, and I said, I don't know, however, we can probably look it up and find out.  I took this picture and the next one as a reminder, so we can look it up.  Haven't done it so far.

This is a shot of the bark of the same tree as above,
 while waiting for Enterprise Car Rental to pick us up.

Here is an old 1957 Chevrolet Pickup truck.  I'm not sure what's under the hood, but look
at the sneakers on the back of this baby.  Asking price is $10,000.

We finally got to our destination.  This is just outside of  the town of Livingston, Tx.

Here is a picture of the Livingston, Tx dam.  There is a huge lake on the back side of this dam.

Here is a little closer picture of the dam.  Never ceases to amaze me at how
 much water you can hold back with dirt, concrete, and steel.

The story behind this sign is, the Liquor Store is about 1/4 mile away from the "Dam", so I guess they figured the appropriate name for it is "The "Dam" Liquor Store".  Seems about right, don't ya think?

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