May 26, 2006

We took the Taurus today and headed north a few miles to Huntsville, Tx.  Here in Willis, gas was $2.89.  At the Wal Mart in Huntsville, it was $2.59.  We filled up.  Also, picked up a few groceries at the WalMart before we came home
We basically went for a drive to look at the scenery.  Seemed like Saturday all day.  For some reason, we just had trouble getting in straight, that it was Friday, and not Saturday.  Found what is advertised as the most photographed statue in Texas.  It is the Sam Houston statue and it stands something like  67 feet in the air.  Anyhow, it is along I-45 between Conroe and Huntsville.  Easily visible, and they have a little gift shop there, which we avoided.  Came back to the campground, and took our daily walk and took a few pictures of some rigs around the park.  Posted some of them, for your viewing pleasure.  Well, I guess that's it for tonight.

This is on the back side of the Sam Houston Statue.

Statue is 67 feet in the air of Sam Houston.  The woman in the pic is not Sherry.  Someone else was there, and we figured that would give a good indication of the size of this thing.

Bushes to the left.

Bushes to the right.

This is in the woods, and is about 6 feet high.

It's like a mini amphatheater.

Don't know what this is?  This is the southern term for Laundromat.

Not bad for a weeks stay.  This is down the road a couple of miles.

Alfa See Ya Gold.  That's the expensive model.

Expensive Diesel Pusher.

Fleetwood Southwind.

If I remember correctly, this is also made by Fleetwood.

Of course, there are older rigs here as well.

This guy is geared for go.  The overall appearance is really nice.

Water filter system for the above 5th wheel.  He is obviously here for more than a week or two.

Damon Challenger.

Fleetwood Discovery.  Not a cheap rig.

This is actually 2 sites side by side, where you pull in from opposite directions.  The next pic shows it in action.

This is way to close for me.  Fortunately, there are only a few sites like this.
However, if you have some close friends, maybe you would like to be in one of these sites.

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