May 27, 2006

Saturday, yes it somehow actually feels like Saturday today.  We drove south a little today in the Taurus, to Conroe.  We went to a Lowes there.  We also found a store called "99 cent only".  Yes it's much like other $1 stores, except that this one has food, lots and lots of food.  Canned, boxed, and even Frozen.  Almost just like a regular grocery store, only somewhat smaller.  They had Sara Lee loaves of bread for $.99.  Looked like a regualr multi-grain loaf, so we bought one.  A pack of 4 smoked sausage, a small can of tiny shrimp, it was all $.99.  As with anything, you need to watch, but, most of the stuff we saw, was a very good price.  We actually went in for a book for Sherry to read, which they didn't have, and spent $13.20 on food instead.  It was a good deal anyhow.  May have to hit that store up again, before we leave here.  Unfortunately, these stores are only in the Southwest US.  Found something out about the Taurus.  If you start up and get ready to drive off, you cannot take it out of Park, unless, you have your foot on the brake.  Without that, it just ain't coming out of Park.  Safety feature, I suppose.  Anyhow, we had a shower today for about 10 or 15 minutes.  The outside thermometer on the motorhome went from 92 to 77 degrees in about 5 minutes.  Some of that may have been the rain on the sensor.  We went out shortly after that, and it was still fairly warm.  Well, anyhow, posted tonight are some additional pictures of other rigs in the campground.  The park is fairly full for the Holiday weekend.  Not many sites available any more.  Well, I guess that is it for tonight.

Not sure who makes this one, but anytime it's a diesel pusher, and has a tag axle in the back, it's expensive.

Looks like a Winnebago.

Nice 5th wheel.

Pair of nice rigs.

This is a Sea Breeze Motor Home.  I always likes these.  Not always the floor plan, but they seem like  nice gas models.  Owners of these always seem to really like their rigs.

How about a Bounder Diesel Pusher?

Another expensive Diesel.

Nice size 5th wheel.

And a Fleetwood Discovery.

Another nice Motor Home.

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