May 28, 2006

Today is Sunday.  We really took the day off today.  About all we got accomplished, was to walk up to the little store that is in the Rec Center, and buy an ice cream cone.  That was about it.  I do have a few pictures to post of other rv's in the park, though.  Did manage to finally unroll the awning and try out our new chairs.  They sit very comfortably, and the awning provides plenty of shade.  Now all we need is one of those electronic insect repellents.  Anyhow, I guess that's about it for today.  Not very exciting, but, hey, ya gotta do, whatever it is ya gotta do.  Anyhow, enjoy the posted rv's below.

This thing is about 40 feet long.

Sea Breeze Motor Home.

Other side of the Sea Breeze.

Small pond within the park.

There are many golf carts around here.  Never saw a campground with so many.

The next door neighbors.  They left today.

Larger version of above.

The beauty and the beast.

Here it is - the beauty.

Couple of animated cutouts in front of the office at Thousand Trails.

Larger version of above.  Kinda cute.  Hot dogs and marshmallows, anyone?

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