May 29, 2006

Well, we pretty much hung around home today, and watched the procession of Rv's leaving the campgound.  There were a bunch that were just here for the Weekend and they headed home today.  We did take a short trip to Wal Mart, where else?  Picked up a couple of things we needed, and came home.  Not too exciting.  We were looking out the window tonight, and Sherry remarked about the sunset.  I took a couple of pictures, and have them posted, but really, the pictures don't do the sunset justice.  It was much more beautiful than the pictures really show.  We awoke to a couple of loud thunder storms this morning.  They passed, and then there were a couple more.  A little later this morning, it rained hard for a little while, then kind of cleared up some.  It was kinda cloudy on and off, so the temperature barely made it into the 80's.  It was still humid, so it felt like more than 80, but it was fairly comfortable, compared to what it's been like for the past week.  While on our trek to Wal Mart,  I took a couple of pictures of traffic on route I-45.  It was really heavy.  Most of it was just cars and some trucks.  There were a few Rv's but not many compared to the rest of the traffic.  Well, anyhow, I guess that's about it for this evening.  Enjoy the pics.

View facing South on I-45.  Traffic is heavy.

View of I-45 headed North.

Slightly larger shot facing South on I-45.

And a North facing shot of I-45.

Speed limit sign inside Thousand Trails.

This is a shot of the sunset tonight.  The picture doesn't do it justice.

Same here.

And here.

An aluminum skinned 5th wheel.  Don't see too many of these.

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