May 30, 2006

Had a little excitement today.  Between making breakfast, lunch, dinner, taking a nap, doing the wash, and dumping the tanks, whew - we're both worn out.  Ok, maybe I exaggerated a little bit.  However, doing the wash and dumping the tanks was almost the highlight of the day.  That was until the hard drive on my computer crashed.  I had a replacement along, so I installed that one along with a new installation of Windows.  Yes, I had my work backed up, thank you very much.  Anyhow, I am just now getting this thing back up and running, and it is 11:49 - yes just before midnight.  So I am not going to post any pictures tonight.  I am just glad that I had an extra hard drive along, and was able to get it up and running.  Tomorrow I will finish trying to get things back to normal on my computer.  For a while, it was looking like a new one was in order.  However, I managed to patch this thing up once again.  So, for this evening, I guess that is about it.  Tell ya what, I will post one picture.  This is of a little dog that one of the neighbors had.  It's a little porker, that's for sure.  And with that, good night.

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