"Doing things Differently"


Started up the motor home this morning and the fan belt started squealing again.  Had tightened it up yesterday morning.  Pulled the doghouse cover off and low and behold, the belt was loose.  Looked a little closer, and found that the alternator alignment was off and it was chewing up the one side of the belt.  Not bad, but enough to allow the belt to drop down into the groove further and loosen the belt.  Ok.  Time to look for another parts house.  Went back into Flying J and asked the cashier.  She gave me directions to one a few blocks down.  Off we go in that direction.  Before we got there, I saw a small local parts house on a corner street.  We stopped and waited a little bit until they opened.  They had one and plus one down the street, so I took them both.  Put one on and have a spare.  I'm not sure this will last til we get home.  Now I have a new spare plus the old one which will go for a while.  If I get a change later in the trip, maybe I will try to fix the alignment situation.  Overall, we only lost an hour of time from the trip for this situation.  No big deal.  Away we went headed up I 84 North in Utah headed for Idaho.  Josh, our son called and said we needed to call our credit card company's fraud department.  They noticed unusual spending on our card and needed to verify that no one had stolen our card.  I called and verified that everything was fine and it was us buying gas in other states.  We drove into Idaho and stopped at Boise for gas.  What a view from their town.  A few miles from town is a huge mountain (s) that are very steep.  Wonderful scenery.  We took state route 55 North toward Moscow.  Hadn't driven very far and discovered one of those 7 or 8 % grades that we had to climb.  Not fun.  Topped the hill at about 35 mph in second gear using all of the two barrel carb.  Did not want to use the 4 barrel portion if I didn't have to.  Got to the top and guess what?  Now we get to go down the opposite side at 7 or 8 % grade.  Once we got on the other side the road runs along side of a river for miles and miles.  Wonderful scenery.  Funny thing though.  With all the ups and downs, after a while you can't tell if you are going uphill or downhill.  I would have sworn we were going downhill, except that I was using almost all the throttle and looking at the river - water still runs downhill - even in the west.  If it wasn't for that - I'd swear we were going downhill.  Go figure.  Anyhow, this stretch of road has many small villages, with whitewater rafting, boating ramps, etc.  There is even a big lake at one point.  When we got to that town, if I hadn't known better, I'd have thought we were near the shore.  Sand and all.  Anyhow, route 55 runs into route 95 North heading toward Moscow.  This was another scenic adventure.  Following a road that winds through the mountains with the sides of the mountains going almost straight up is an awesome sight.  We got in to a small town called Lewiston.  There was a Flying J there, that I thought we might stay at, but there really was no place to park, so we decided to keep going.  Lewiston is at the base of a large mountain along a river.  Temperature there was about 88 degrees.  As soon as we left there, we started up a steep grade.  Rats, another huge hill to climb.  10 minutes later we are at the top of a mountain, several thousand feet in the air, and the temperature had dropped to about 72 degrees.  They had a pull off for a scenic view - got some pictures - awesome is the only word to describe the sight.  Pictures don't do it justice, but will give you some kind of idea what it looked like.  Anyway, we kept driving and got into Moscow about 9:00 Pacific time.  Hunted up a WalMart and went to bed.  Yes, after 11 hours of driving, even a 48" wide bed 75" long for 2 people feels great.  Temperatures ranged from 60 degrees this morning to a high of about 88 or so.   Gas mileage from Ogden, Utah to Boise, Idaho was 9.98 mpg, the best so far.  Total mileage to get to Moscow, Id  from Annville, Pa. was 2862 miles according to the odometer on the motor home.  Average gas mileage for the trip was about 8.9 and we used 320 gallons of gas.  Gas prices were usually 1.779 to 1.829 until we got to Boise, Id.  There it was 1.889.  Once we got to Moscow, the first station was 2.099 per gallon.  Bummer.  Hope I don't need much gas here.  Anyhow, here we are.  Time for sleep.