"Doing things Differently"


Woke up this morning in the WalMart parking lot.  There were 4 other rv's there with us.  Unfortunately, it is not a supercenter, so we will have to get groceries elsewhere.  Found a place to dump our black and grey water this morning so the tanks are empty for the week.  If we are careful, we will not have to dump them until we leave at the end of next week.  It was 55 degrees this morning outside when we woke up.  Definately no air conditioner needed last night.  From what we're told, that is normal around here.  High temp today was about 86 degrees.  It's now 9:21 and the temp has dropped to 66 degrees outside.  Gas usage today was excellent - only drove a few miles around town.  Stopped at a car wash to remove the road grime that collected on the rig.  Also found that the brake lights were staying on.  The brake switch had vibrated loose and needed to be readjusted and tightened up.  Fixed that problem.  If only they were all that easy.....  Got our groceries today,  did the laundry, washed the rig, and then went to get our registration info from "Life on Wheels".  Got the registration info, parked and leveled the rig, took a short tour of where our classes will be held, took a walk, etc.  Sound exciting, huh?  The guy parked next to us has an automatic Motosat Sattelite system that automatically finds the internet satellite and is sharing the connection with anyone near that can connect wirelessly.  Sure am glad I have a wireless network card for the laptop.  Sure beats the heck out of dialing up with a cell phone to connnect to the internet.   We also managed to setup and connect to the tv satellite for a little tv access.  I don't know exactly how many rv's are here, but I would guess it numbers in the hundreds.  Anything from 20 years old or so, worth only a couple of thousand dollars, to brand new huge rigs worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and everything in between.  Most impressive sight.  Well, time to upload this and get to bed shortly.  Will try to post pictures on Sunday.