"Doing things Differently"


This is Wednesday.  This morning it was 70 degrees when we got up about 7:00.  I figured it would be kind of hot today.  Forecast was for about mid 90's today.  When we came back to the motor home about 2:45 the indoor thermometer read 108.  Little warm in my book.  Time for air conditioning.  This is the first time we turned it on since we left home on the 5th of July.  It's been warm a couple of days, but not quite this warm.  Today we cut class.  Just like a couple of school kids.  Cut the first period of the day, and walked about a mile down the road to Wal Mart for a couple of things that we needed.  Since we have no car to ride around in - and we're not allowed to take the motor home once it is parked, we resorted to shoe leather express.  Believe it or not, it still works.  The last period had classes that we just weren't too wild about and decided to come back to the coach and just hang out.   We had a class this morning on batteries as they relate to an rv.  Wonderful class.  Learned a bunch about how they work, charging and discharging, different types, expense, etc.  The guy that taught the class has been living with solar in his rv for years, and has the experience to know whereof he speaks.  He did a great job.  Then, the first class this afternoon was taught by the same individual, on inverters and chargers.  Another good class if someone is thinking about using an inverter to run their electrical appliances while they are not plugged into shore power, ( technical term meaning plugged into an external ac outlet).  Actually, these classes would be good even if someone would want to use this information to setup a solar system in a home.  His web address is www.amsolar.com if anyone is interested in looking at it.  I haven't been there yet, but when I get a better internet connection, I plan to check it out.  He isn't selling the cheapest systems to be had, but probably has some of the best equipment, packages, and advice that can be found.  I am writing this at 3:51 in the afternoon for a change, and we are supposed to go out for supper tonight between 4:30 and 7:00 for a meal being provided to us free of charge by the chamber of commerce and local merchants association.  Hey, it's a free meal.  I say go for it.  Perhaps we will look around the town a little bit after the meal.  I'm sure it wouldn't upset the merchants if we spent a little money in their stores while we are there.  It's starting to cool off inside fairly well compared to what it was, when we came back from the last seminar.  I can't see the thermometer, and sherry is taking a nap ( better not disturb the sleeping), so I am not sure just what the temperature is inside now, but it definitely, feels better than it did.  So far, we haven't filled up the black and gray water holding tanks since we arrived on Saturday.  I think if we are careful, we should be able to make it until this Saturday without a problem.   We have been careful with the water we have used, but not what I would call stingy with it, and so far the tanks look like they will make it. There is an outfit who will come and pump the tanks, and I have seen people have their tanks pumped as soon as Monday.  Don't know if they arrived with empty tanks or not, but if they did, they needed to take the class on boondocking, which by the way is has one of the largest attendances of any class here. Hard to believe, but the week is more than half over.  Two more days to go with classes, and then we can start our meandering down the highway toward California.  Yeah, there is a place I can't wait to buy gas in (not).  I talked to a guy yesterday that has a bigger rig than we do, and he came in to Moscow the same route we did, from the south.  One of the hills, he came over at 25 mph, we came over at about 35, so I didn't think this old rig did too badly.  With a little work she could do even better.  Anyway, that is enough ramblings for one day, seems like I am just babbling on with no rhyme or reason, so I think I'll end here.  Maybe I'll add some more information after supper, before I upload this to the website.   If not, will post more tomorrow.

We're back from supper.  It's 6:30.  We had a look around town a little.  Walked up and down main street a few blocks.  Even went into a pawn shop.  No, we did not buy anything.  Supper consisted of a hamburger or sausage, potato salad, macaroni salad, potato chips, watermelon, and a cold drink.  Good deal for a freebie.   Moscow is a nice relatively small town with  a fair amount of the town centered around the University of Iowa.  I'm told that they have about 10,000 students.  Looks like the temperature inside the coach is finally a comfortable 74 degrees.  Probably about 9:00 tonight it will be nice enough outside to turn the air off and open the windows.  After looking at the other rigs here, we probably have just about the oldest one on the premises.  However, thanks to Chuck, it is the best looking of the older ones. 

Quote of the day:  "if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy"