"Doing things Differently"


Today is Thursday the 15th of July.  Again this morning it was in the low 70's when we got up.  In the sun this afternoon, the outdoor temp on the side of the motor home was 118 degrees.  That is not a realistic temperature, because the outdoor temperature sensor is located right next to an aluminum bracket mounted on the side of the motor home and when that is in the sun, the heat radiates off the aluminum onto the sensor.  Actual temperature is probably about 95 or so.  That is what the forecast was for.  Sure felt like it to me.  Had a couple of excellent classes today - one on solar power, and another on "working your way across the usa".  The one on solar power contained even more detailed information on buying, sizing and installing solar power on an rv.  Great stuff.  The other class on working, was based on some of the experiences of the instructor, and also other rver's that he has talked to about their experience.  Apparently, finding short term work is fairly easy to find in different areas of the country.  If you have certain skills, sometimes you can just about write your own ticket with certain employers.  Sounds like a plan to me.  Anyway, we both feel that we have gotten our money's worth for this event.  Even broke down and bought a couple of shirts and a hat to help support the effort here.  Tomorrow is the last day of this event, and then on Saturday, we will be leaving and heading south west toward the San Francisco area.  Plan on taking the scenic route when we leave.  I don't plan on driving 500 - 600 miles a day getting there.  We'll have to see how thing go.  Like I said earlier, we are going to play this one by ear. Well, my better half is getting ready for bed, so I guess it is about time, so we can get up for our first class tomorrow.  By the way, some news about Campbelltown being put on the map with a tornado.  Hopefully, everyone will be okay.  You can always replace "stuff", as long as no one was killed.  Time for bed.

Joke of  the day: ( this actually is a true story)  An 83 yr old woman who was camping, said her brother installed a bunch of lights on the outside of her rig,  if anyone shows up just turn the light on to scare them away.  If that doesn't work, she also had a cb radio with a p.a. system, she was supposed to fire that up and say "I have a gun and I have called the police".  Then she said, if that doesn't work, I figure I'll just undress and go outside - seeing a naked old lady will scare anyone away.