"Doing things Differently"


It's over, already.  We had our last classes today.  We got up this morning and temperature was about 67.  It did get warm though.  Hot actually.  At one point the outside temp gauge said 121.  It really was not that hot - it's the aluminum brackets holding up the pass. mirror reflecting heat.  Actual temperature was probably 95 or so.  I thought for a while we blew up the air conditioner.  Could not get hardly any air out of it.  I figured we had a motor problem, as in not running fast enough.  Wrong.  I finally went up on the roof ( boy, was that fun in 95 deg. heat), and pulled off the cover.  It turned out that it had frozen up.  Ice all over the condenser except about 1 inch at the bottom.  No wonder we were getting no air through it.  I shut it off for a while, then finally figured if I ran the fan only, that would pull heated air through it and help melt the ice in a hurry.  Worked like a champ.  In a few minutes, all the ice was gone and we could turn the cool air on again.  Oh, it just feels great.  Cool air never felt so good.  For a little while there I had thoughts of visiting Camping World and replacing the air conditioner to the tune of 600.00.  Actually, that probably isn't all that expensive, installation included, in my opinion.  Anyway, the party is over.  Some of the others have left already.  Not all that many, but a few of them had to be somewhere in the next couple of days, so they left after classes were over.  I think we will leave tomorrow morning, (that would be Saturday), or maybe not.  We have a load of laundry to do, dump the tanks, get some groceries, and I have an appointment to have the rig weighed.  This outfit weighs each wheel, to see if one or more corners are overloaded.  Figure it is worth the money to find out exactly where we are at.  So, probably after that, we will mosey along either into Washington, or Oregon or both.  I'm not sure we will have cell phone access after we leave here, so if the website isn't updated for a couple of days, that will be why.  If we are in a roaming area, we will not use the phone, cause it will cost a good bit for each call.  Anyhow, we will be heading to Gualala, Ca. to see George O.  By the time we get there, we should have cell phone access.  Could be Tuesday til we get there.  As I said, we will be playing this completely by ear.  If you want to see plenty of pictures of what rv's were here during this week, look at the "almost all rv pics" link on the home page.  We had another great class on solar for rv's again today.  I never cease to be amazed at the complexity and simplicity of the system at the same time.  It sounds like solar is finally starting to take off, especially in some other countries outside of the US.  Wouldn't mind using some of that myself.  Anyway, That's it for tonight.