"Doing things Differently"


Here we sit in a Wal Mart parking lot in Pendleton, Oregon.  It's a little after 8:00 as I write this.  We only drove about 200 miles today.  We got up in Moscow, Id with a temp of about 67 degrees.  We unhooked our electric, filled the fresh water tank with clean water, headed across town and filled up with gas at a cost of 2.029, ( yes that is all but $2.03), headed to the dump station at the Fairgrounds to empty the black and gray water tanks.  Seems as though some others had the same idea, as we were about the 7th in line.  After waiting about 45 minutes, it was our turn.  I pulled up and when I got out, I was surprised to see that the Fairgrounds had left a hose attached to the dump station, so all we had to do was hook it to our rig and pull the dump levers.  Only took a couple of minutes.  After that we drove about a block to have the rig weighed - (we had paid the outfit at the Life on Wheels show to do this today).  Then we did a load of laundry,  went to Wendy's for lunch, Wal Mart for a couple of things we needed, and then back to the University of Idaho.  I went back there just to check how many had left by now (it was 12:30 by this time), and we counted less than 50 rigs left.  There had been a couple of hundred the day before.  Most of the ones left were packing up and getting ready to leave.  Anyhow,  we pulled out of there about 1:00 or so this afternoon.  I did not realize it, but when we left, we headed west on route 8, and within a mile were in Washington.  I thought the state line was a few miles down the road, but is wasn't.  We took route 8 to Pullman, Wa. and then 195 south, then picked up route 12, then route 11 south to Pendleton, Or.  When we got here, it was 100 degrees, both on our thermometer on the coach, and at a bank in town.  Yes, it's hot.  Funny thing though, it doesn't feel as hot as it does in Pa.  Once we got in the parking lot at Wal Mart, we finished getting groceries, (this Wal Mart is a Supercenter, the one in Moscow was not).  Decided that is was certainly hot enough to start the generator and turn on the overhead air.  No, up until this point, we had not run the air while driving.  We do normally open the windows and have two 12volt fans that we run overhead in the front that blow directly on us, so the heat hasn't bothered us too much.  Once we stopped, we decided it was time to cool off a little.  2.00 a gallon or not, let's be cool tonight.  By the way, when we arrived at this Wal Mart, there were two other motor home here before us.  When we came out of the store from getting our groceries, another motor home had pulled in behind us for the night.  No, we are not pulled into a "wagon train circle", thank your very much.  Just had an old Jamboree class C motor home pull in.  By the way, we are here, there is a Southwind, a Monaco, behind us is a Safari.  Personally, I'd like to slap the **** out of the guy behind us.  He's got a table, barbeque grill, and two lawn chairs out.  This isn't a campground, it's place to pull over for the night and catch some rest.  I'm ok now. As I said yesterday, I'm not sure what our cell phone access will be like the next couple of days, so we may not be able to post.  On the way down here, we were in a roaming area for a while.  Once we got here, we were back in the America's Choice network again, so we are able to make calls with no additional charge.  Hence the post for today.  Not sure, but we may head 84 west in the morning, and then route 5 for a little while.  We can always head west from route 5 and drive 101 along the coast.  Well, I think we'll probably be hanging it up for the evening soon.  It's getting close to 9:00.  Maybe we'll turn in early and get up early.  Later.