"Doing things Differently"


It's 9:32 am here in Fort Bragg, Ca.  About an hour or so away from George O.  Could not upload last night due to cell phone connection.  Woke up this morning with a temp of 55 degrees.  This is California in July?  Will post later.  See ya......
Ok, arrived at George O.'s about 3:00 or so this afternoon.  We kind of took our time and stopped at a couple of hardware stores along the way.  Putting us in a hardware store is like putting 2 kids in a candy store. Just looking at the "stuff" they have in there is enjoyable for the 2 of us.  We just like looking at different things - yes some of it is the same from store to store, but, every store has something different from the last one.  One of the stores we were in today, was a relatively new store with laminated beams to hold up the roof.  They looked like the beams may have been made from either red cedar or redwood, I'm not sure which.  Anyhow, here was this hardware store out in the middle of almost nowhere, with all this stuff.  It had almost anything you could think of, and in addition to that, about a third of the store was filled with groceries.  How much better can it get?  Food and hardware all in one.  We left there and headed down the coast, and let me tell you, when they say that the next 22 miles are narrow and curvy, they were serious.  There are plenty of campgrounds along route 1 in Ca.  Some of them are right along the Pacific Ocean, and you can see the water from the campground, and others are in amongst the trees, with the ocean nearby.  Hey, whatever floats your boat.  I don't think the temperature got over 75 today where we were.  Boy, that's tough to take.   I will try to get some pictures posted, probably tomorrow.  I need to resize them, before I can post them and it takes some time to do that.