"Doing things Differently"


I am truly amazed at the temperatures here along the coast.  When I used to think of California, I always assumed that it was always warm to hot year round - wrong.....  Mornings here have been in the mid-50's and mid 70's during the day.  The O's tell me that in winter it may get down to a low of 40 or so.  Certainly not what I figured on when I thought of Ca.  Frequently in the morning there is a fog, but usually by mid-morning it burns off and then there is abundant sunshine.  I was looking at a local paper here, and was impressed with the prices of land.  It seems that you can't buy much of anything here including just land, maybe a few acres, for under $150,000.  Well beyond my budget.  Some of the rental units near the coast are in the $1500 - $1900 per month.  A 500 sq. foot studio apartment will go for $500 - $700 a month.  Many food prices aren't that much more expensive than back home, maybe a little, except for the cookies.  Sherry's in distress over the price of  cookies here.  If you have looked at some of the pictures I posted, gas prices in Ca. are kinda high.  Hope I don't have to buy too much gas in this state.  Anyway, hopefully, within a couple of days, we will be out of  Ca. and in Arizona.  Worked on another computer of George's today and got it all fixed up for him.  They fed us supper again tonight, unexpectedly on our part, I might add.   Was a delicious home cooked meal.  Thanks, O's.  Must be getting to bed shortly.  Must be something about the air out here.  Didn't really do that much today, but I am ready for bed.  Later......

Quote of the day  =  Definition of a Laptop computer - "Boyfriend on batteries".