"Doing things Differently"


It's 8:30 or so on Monday evening.  Sitting in a Flying J just outside of  Bakersfield, Ca.  We left Lodi, Ca. today about noon.  We got up and I checked the air in the tires, and filled with gas again.  Yes, I know I just filled up last night when we got there, but, we ran the generator about 6 hours last night to run the air conditioner, and I wanted to get an idea how much gas it takes per hour to do that.  Turns out, it's about 1 gallon per hour.  By the time we turned it off, the temp had dropped enough outside, that we could open up the windows and turn on a small fan.  Interesting thing about gas, last night we filled up at $2.049 per gallon.  This morning, when I filled up it was $2.019.  Go figure.  Who knew? We then went down the street and did a load of laundry.  Ate lunch and headed for Bakersfield.  While I think of it, last night we had gone to bed, and about midnight, I awoke with a start, thinking to myself, somebody just ran into the motor home.  I about half sat up in bed, and said, naw, I'm dreaming.  When I got up this morning, the drivers mirror was flipped backwards, with the mirror part facing forward instead of backwards.  Turns out, someone pulled in beside us and apparently his mirror bumped mine and just turned mine around.  No damage done, just had to get the wrench out and readjust it.  Low temp this morning was 65 degrees, high this afternoon was 105.  Interesting thing though, back in Pa. when the temp gets about about 80 degrees, after being in it for several hours, your whole body just gets kind of "poofy", you know, kind of bloated feeling.  That doesn't happen that much here, even though the temperature is higher.  I think the humidity is lower and the body has a better change to cool itself.  Anyhow, it is still pretty warm.  We drove mostly down I 5 from just south of Sacramento, to a route 46 which runs east and west.  I wanted to get to I 99 before coming into Bakersfield, because I wasn't sure exactly where the Flying J was.  Turns out that was a good call.  After getting on I 99, the next exit was where it happened to be.  So here we are.  We actually treated ourselves to a "real meal" at the restaurant here.  Got the buffet, and probably ate a little too much.  However, it was good food.  Came back to the coach and Sherry demanded a haircut, which as a good husband, I was obligated to do.   She now has shorter hair than when we left home.  Another sight we saw today was part of the California aqueduct system.  I remember reading about it, but actually saw some of it today.  What a setup.  If it wasn't for all the irrigation they do in this valley, there would be no food coming out of here.  We drove for miles and miles today, and with the water they pump around and irrigate the fields with makes all the difference in the world.  Couple of pictures that I plan to post tonight shows that without irrigation, there is nothing but dry land and grass.  With irrigation the fields are producing untold amounts of food.  Couple of pictures show truckloads of what we think are tomatoes.  We saw dozens of them today - with double trailers - loaded.  Sure gives one a new appreciation for what water can do for you, or what happens with the lack of it.   Anyhow, for a while we thought we could have been in Nebraska with all the farm land and crops and things.  We could see for miles and miles with nothing but farms and crops around.  Amazing sight if you've never seen it before.  Well, this is getting kind of lengthy, so I think I will try to post some pictures, and upload this update.  Later.