"Doing things Differently"


We got up this morning in Las Vegas, Nevada with a temp of about 79 degrees.  Too freakin hot.  Woke up about 2:00 in the morning after getting warm during the night.  Ran the generator and air conditioner for a short time to cool it back down again and went back to sleep  Highs for the day was about 102.  We left the Flying J we were at and came down I 93/95/515 to Henderson, Nv, where there was a Camping World, thought I would check if they repaired windshields - said no.  So, I called my insurance company, and they said when it comes to glass, they waive the deductible fee and cover the cost of the repair of a stone chip.  They gave me an 800 number to call, which I did, and after putting me in touch with the right people, they sent someone out to our location, and he repaired the affected area.  From the time of the first phone call until the repairman showed up, repaired the windshield, and left - was less than 3 hours.  Suited us just fine.  We left Henderson, and headed for Boulder, Nv, which is just a short distance from the Hoover Dam.  What a sight.  The mountains that the Colorado river ran through originally, were awesome by themselves, but then to truck in all that concrete, and create the dam, truly is an amazing engineering feat.  Tons and tons of concrete, holding back millions and millions of gallons of water between a couple of mountains, well, I just can't imagine the pressure that must be at the bottom of the dam.  Anyhow, it does it's job as designed, and creates mega amounts of electric at the same time.  And just think, they did it all without the help of a computer.  Where do you thing our engineers would be today, if we took their computers away from them?  We left the dam and headed south, took a few awesome pictures of the mountains along the way, and drove across more desert until we got to Kingman, Arizona.  We stopped at the information area in Kingman to pick up a few pieces of information, when I spotted a little 50's style restaurant across the street.  I knew Sherry was hungry, so I decided to spring for some french fries.  We went in and sat down.  There were pictures everywhere of historic 50's and 60's automotive stuff hanging on the walls.  After ordering, while waiting for our food, the cook finished someone else's order and the way he notified the waiter was very unique.  There was a bellows mounted to the wall, with 4 pipes protruding out of the top of it.  There was a cord attached to that which hung down so the cook could pull it.  When he did, he pulled it twice and it sounded like a train whistle.  Really neat.  One of the most unique things I have seen in a restaurant for a long time.  Did I mention that this was along the famous Route 66?  We drove around Kingman for a little while before settling in at the Flying J there.  Read a bunch of the material we picked up ( not nearly all of it ), but now it's time for bed.  Will post this for tonight.  G'night.