"Doing things Differently"


Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me, - okay enough of that.  Here we are, friday night, after 9:00 in the evening - closer to home than we were last night.  Where are we?  I'm not going to tell you til later.  Just suffice to say that we are in Pennsylvania somewhere.   Funny thing, even on route 11 - heading north, you can almost tell without looking , when you cross over in to Pennsylvania - just by how rough the roads are.  All in all, so far, it has been a great trip.  There are so many memories, that one cannot contain all of them.  I would imagine that throwing up is not at the top of the "highlights of the trip" list.   We were talking today while driving and both agreed, that one of those at the top of the list was when we were headed west to get to route 101 in Oregon.  As we topped the hill, there was this immense bright sunlight bouncing off of the Pacific Ocean, so much so, that road and town disappeared, temporarily.  After driving a short distance, the road and town reappeared, as our eyes started to adjust to the bright light, and shortly the sun started to he hidden by some clouds.  It was just one of those memorable moments, that, if we had been 10 minutes later, we would have missed.  Driving south on route 1 along the California coast, and stopping at a roadside rest area, 100 feet from the ocean, and eating lunch there, watching the waves roll in.  Another, being parked in a state park, 150 feet from the Pacific ocean, watching the waves, watching ships lights on the ocean after the sun went down, waking up the next morning and seeing the ocean in plain view through the front windows of the motor home.  Meeting friends we hadn't seen for several years, and being treated like family.  Learning things that we didn't know existed, and realizing how ignorant we really are.  Seeing how big the Natural Bridge in Virginia, really is.   Suddenly realizing by first hand knowledge, why people would choose to live in a cave, instead of building a house to live in - the work is already done, and it is temperature controlled.  How can you mess with that?  Seeing how large a meteor must have hit the earth at some time in the past, and how large the hole was, that was created by the impact.  Looking at the giant Redwoods of California.  Realizing that some areas of California are actually more remote than the Virginia camp.  Seeing first hand that without the aqueduct system in California, there would be much more desert than there is now, and California would not be a major food producing state.  Looking at the Hoover Dam, and seeing how the dam spreads out the water distribution over the course of a year instead of the "feast or famine" conditions that used to exist before the dam was built.  It has been a memorable trip.  After seeing the small amount of this country that we did on this trip, makes me wonder, what else is there, that we haven't seen?