"Doing things Differently"


Here we sit at the end of the driveway of the guy that started this all.  Yup, Chuck's driveway, Normal, Ill. We haven't left yet.   I couldn't back up into the driveway because it is a little too steep.   Would have done damage to the stuff underneath.  Better not spill black water all over the place.  Anyhow, we woke up in the Wal Mart parking lot this morning with the temps in the mid 60's.  I think highs today were only in the mid 70's.  Great weather.  We got together with Chuck this morning and went out for lunch, then headed up I 55 to a local rv dealer, (40 miles away), Pontiac Rv.  We looked around a while at some motor homes, although we really didn't see much that was appealing.  Found a couple of shower heads that we've been looking for, for months, but haven't been able to find.  We also added some water to the fresh water tank.  That should be more than plenty to see us through til we get home.  Haven't yet figured out if we are leaving on Sunday morning or not.  Perhaps we shall delay that thought process until the morning.  One of the great things about being self contained, and not too large a vehicle, is being able to park somewhere without hookups.  Staying in campgrounds is okay if one feels the need, but having the freedom to be able to park somewhere else is great.  No wonder some people love this lifestyle.  One actually gets to see those things that others only dream about seeing "some day".  Sadly, for some, "some day" never comes.  Life is full of choices, and no one ever said that those choices were easy.  Time to upload this and get to bed.  That's the new from P.U. (paddleupstream)
Quote of the day:  "Anything that can go wrong will.  Anything that can go right will.  They do not necessarily take  turns, in order".