"Doing things Differently"

From being on the road.

In no particular order

1. It's easy to fall of the Atkins diet while living on the road for a period of time.
2. One can sleep, even if the recreational vehicle you're sleeping in, isn't level.
3.  If you think areas of Virginia or West Virginia are remote - try Northern California.
4.  An rv doesn't have to be as large as one might think, in order to live comfortably.
5.  Slide outs on an rv, are not as mandatory as one might think.
6.  All rv's are not created equal, any more than all cars are created equal.
7.  If it's hot and your gas refrigerator doesn't cool very well, add a bag of ice to it and the freezer.
8.   If you're rv'ing and you don't like the weather - go somewhere else.
9.  Two, sleeping in a small bed can be an advantage on nights when it gets cool, if you don't run the furnace.
10. Many people cannot understand why anyone would want to live  in a recreational vehicle.
11.  One of the greatest blessings in an rv, is an inverter, to run electrical devices without running a generator.
12.  Traveling in an rv is like a checking account - you're only going to get out of it, what you put into it.
13.  Enjoying rving and traveling, has nothing to do with the amount of money invested in the recreational vehicle.
14.  While I may not be able to afford real estate along the coast of California, I can afford to stay in the same places, in an rv, in campgrounds up and down the coast.
15.  Intetnet access on a 14.4 Kbps cell phone is sloooowwwwwwww..........