"Doing things Differently"

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Fence of Wheels
Fence of Wheels 2
Fence of Wheels 3
Rv Park in Washington
River next to Road
Houses in the middle of mountain
Houses again
More houses - check out road
Not a wreck - using bus in burger shop
Gas anyone?
More gas?
Muffler man - made of exhaust stuff
Made it to Oregon
Some things never change
Need a Jeep
How about a Cadillac
Vw, Ford, and I don't know
Barge along river next to Rt.84 in Oregon
Dam along Rt 84
Downward side of dam
Camping along the river - no not us
Railroad bridge - drawbridge up for barge
Mountains in the distance
Zoomed in view of last pic
Water gushing out backside of another dam
Time to walk the dog
Flowers along the road
Oregon highway
Pacific at the end of the block
Sherry's favorite sight - not....

No overnight parking signs everywhere in Oregon
Sunset on the Pacific
Route 101 in Oregon
Tunnel along Route 101 - Oregon
Same Pacific sunset
100 foot drop to Pacific
Slightly different view
Lighthouse on the edge
Rent's due
Rv Park - actually paid to stay here - cute
More Rv Park
Even more Rv Park
Leaving Park
Gas anyone???
Rt 101 Oregon
Another one for Sherry
Here we come
They even do logging
More Pacific Ocean
More coastline
Another coastline pic
More Pacific
Some people like to do it the hard way
Another beach
Ocean in the distance
More coastline / beach
More boats
Mountains at end of town, and houses on mountain