"Doing things Differently"

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Boat ride anyone?
California - here we come
This is California? - Highway 101
First beach we saw in Ca.
Paul Bunyon
Another rv park
Another beach
Ca. beach
Another Rv park
Not along ocean - trees pretty
What did you say about high gas prices???
Palm trees - we think
More gas
Still running VW's
Mountains anyone?
Follow the leader
Care for a drive thru
Drive thru a Redwood, that is
Yup, it's a housetrailer
State campsite - no hookups - table only
Other direction
Same site - along the beach
Another site about 200 yards south
Birds at the beach - read the sign
Same state site we were in - looks like he's here awhile
This is highway 1
Sand above the beach
More beautiful trees along the highway 1
Town of Fort Bragg, Ca
Another Rv Park

Flowers in Mendocino
More in Mendocino
Driftwood bench
More flowers in Mendocino
Good one...
Anybody have this problem???
An Old Ford
Mendocino Post Office
House in Mendocino
Yes, it does say Physician out front
Old water tower
More flowers in Mendocino
Beach next to Mendocino
Part of Mendocino
More Mendocino
Bird on driftwood
More of it
Another Post Office
Yep, 'nother rv park
Talk about livin next to the fast lane
Old crumbling building @ 50 mph
Yep, even the VW vans are still in use
Couple of houses
More buildings
More buildings
Gualala, Population 585
Not much of a town
Pacific coast
More coast