"Doing things Differently"

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Something you don't want to see
Magnified of above
Gate at the Ostranders
The other gate
How appropriate
The entrance to the Lazy O Ranch
Just off the ocean - notice the fog hiding the mountains
Cattle just next to the ocean
Notice how close the tree is to the road
Yes, he is talking on the phone...
Lots and lots of vineyards here
Yes, another vineyard
Sunday traffic just outside of Napa
Traffic just outside of Sacramento
They raise them, but what do they eat?

Sherry's favorite vehicle - not !
A fixer - upper
Mountains just south of Stockton
A hot one
Part of the aquaduct system
The difference between irrigation or not
See what water does
Wildflowers along the road
For those who think nature should be left alone
For those who think nature needs a little help
Tomatoes - we think
More of 'em
Gettin ready to pick - moveable porta potties on left
Goes quite a distance - along rt 46, west of Bakersfield