"Doing things Differently"

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View from the motorhome - 1st night
Second view - 1st night
Third view - 1st night
Where it was
Big Steak
Gorilla on Trailer
2nd night - Flying J
2nd night - Flying J - 2
2nd night - Flying J - 3
2nd night - Flying J - 4
Am I coming
Or am I going
This Big guy was sleeping
in the back of this truck - transports rv's
Normal eastern Iowa landscape
Let's generate our own electric
Little rain in Eastern Iowa
An arch built over I 80
Small town Nebraska
Corn anyone?
Wheat anyone?
How about an rv park in Nebraska
Athletes foot for this guy? Cheyenne, Wyoming
Eastern Wyoming
Rock formation - Wyoming
Tree growing out of rock
Wyoming Rocks in the distance
Lincoln statue
This is not a complete listing of all our pictures, but it is the majority so far

Wyoming rv park
Windmill Farm in Wyoming generating electric
Most impressive man made sight - this is in Wyoming
Check out the background
Part of Wyoming town
Almost a twin to our motorhome - Rawlins, Wyoming
Dark picture - continental divide
How's that for rock formations
More rocks in Wyoming
Wyoming mountains
More mountains
More Wyoming mountains
They even have a couple of tunnels
Last Wyoming rocks picture
Now we're in Utah
More Utah
How'd they get that up there?
Building next to autoparts store
Here's what I scraped the step on - no damage (whew)
Ogden, Utah view from town
Utah view of mountains
Can you see Pa. doin this for farmers?
Idaho finally
Utah campground
This guy hit a garbage truck
Utah mountains
Climb this Mick.....
Several thousand feet in the air
Another view next to previous
Bicycle built for 5 - 1 steering wheel, 4 wheels
Somebody has a sense of humor
This guy painted his satellite dish same color as his rig
Rv's lined up
More rv's
All lined up
More lined up
Even more lined up