"Doing things Differently"

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Home sweet home - about a mile or more off road
Many homes like this - cars, trucks, junk, etc
For Sale sign - mountains are about 10 miles away
Plenty of nothing
If you need another number - here it is
Kingman, Az in background - on hill
Mr D'z - where the bellows train whistle is (Kingman)
Sign on top of Mr D'z
Correct amount of grass to mow - don't you think
Another one - can't grow grass without watering
Half motorcycle - half dune buggy
Here's who we thought was riding it
Alas, we were wrong
It's the whole family
Goin fer a ride
Probably just took mom and kids out for supper
Finally, reasonable (?) gas again - Kingman, Az
Rv park in Arizona
How's that for mountains about 15 miles away
Drove 19 miles to get to these mountains
One of the neat little nostalgic shops in Arizona
Yes along Historic Route 66
General store with hardware and other goodies
Even with a campground out back
A working bank - really - check next picture
Better bank pic - they were open
Another nostalgic store
Even had Elvis with classic cars next door

Another burger and ice cream shop
Another Rv park
Actually skids of stone about 1 - 2 inches thick
Does this look like Arizona to you? It is...
More of Az from rest area - looks like Pa. doesn't it
Those mountains way in background - 50s mile away
Meteor crater, 1 mi. wide, 550' deep, drill stuff in center
Left side of where we were standing
Next shot to the right
Next shot right - or center of crater
Next shot right of center
Final shot to the right
Close up of some rock at the site
Here you go - cheap land rent
In case you missed the number - here it is again
2 rv's in the middle of nowhere - a mile off the highway
Sunset on a mountain in Arizona
Another shot of same sunset - same mountain
Still trying to get it right
They say a good photographer takes multiple shots
How about one more
Maybe this is a little better
Maybe this one
Or this one
Hey, I'm not payin film developing, what do I care
Last shot in Arizona - honest
New Mexico - here we come
How's them fer some mountains