"Doing things Differently"

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3 Bi-planes at Normal, Ill
Beary good
Southern Ill landscape
And more southern Ill landscape
Ah yes, the hot rod show is over
Hot rod 2
Hot rod 3
Hot rod 4
Hot rod and camping facilities
Hot rod 6
Hot rods 7 & 8
Another state
Slight problem here - but help has arrived
One with trailer - one without
I'll trailer mine - thank you
Needs a little work
And yet another
Another on trailer
With a trailer

Another shot of same
Finally, some decent gas prices
This is Indiana ????
And this is Indiana
Really nice old time general store
Cute little thing
Here's the writing
This sounds good to me
It hangs on a pole
An obvious fisherman
Yes, another bridge
Another state
Self explanatory
Kentucky has these?
Entance to a horse ranch in Kentucky
Saw a bunch of ranches like this
Some houses in Ky look like this
And some like this