"Doing things Differently"

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Outside Las Vegas, Nv - built right up to mountainside
Part of Lake Mead ( behind Hoover Dam)
Another view of Lake with housing
House on top of hill above Lake Mead
Different view of housing above Lake Mead
More housing of previous picture
Hoover Dam itself
View of mountains downstream of dam
Another view of downstream of dam & Colorado River
Traffic and mountains to get to dam
More traffic with dam on right
Yes, those electrical towers are supposed to lean
Statue of mountain climber
Another view of statue
Last view of statue
Mountain view with electrical towers above
Getting ready to cross dam
Getting closer to dam
Another view of dam
Beginning of Lake Mead just before dam
View of electrical towers downstream next to dam
When water is higher - this is spillway over side of dam
View from opposite side - dam is on left
Yes, just after crossing dam - you see this
Spillway on east side of dam - notice size of cars

Another view of Lake Mead just upstream of dam
West side of mountain upstream of dam - dam is on left
Upstream of dam - this pic is just left of previous pic
Spillway - just left of previous pic - look at size of trucks
Between spillway and main dam - cars on top
To the right of previous pic - part of main dam
A memorial tribute
View of dam again - note traffic - electrics - mountains
To the right of previous pic
Another view of Lake Mead
Closer view o f Lake - aren't these dam pics getting old
3 layers of roadway leaving dam on Arizona side
Isn't it funny - portable power at a dam site
Actually it was running this pump
Pumping water from Lake - don't know where it went
Last view of dam from above on Arizona side
Mountains downstream of dam
Closer view of above
In center is the Colorado River - downstream of dam
Another view of Colorado River
Closeup of previous - notice trees and buildings
Another view
Traveling rt 95 south in Arizona - middle of nowhere
However, here is part of it
I'm confused, which way do I go