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Other than the 1st picture, none of these were taken right along the beach.  These were a couple of blocks northe of route 90.

Taken while heading east on 90.  This is facing the
Gulf of Mexico.  The docks and so forth are pretty
 much destroyed, but enough remains to anchor
some boats.

This was taken on a side street, running north and
south instead of route 90.  Sewer is hooked up,
as is water and electric.  If you notice, there is 1
window on this side, as is common with FEMA trailers.

Also taken on a side street, heading north.  The building
survived, but not intact.

Don't know about you, but this is the smallest
Home Depot I have ever seen.

Couple of trailers on the same lot.  One is a FEMA,
the other is not.

Somehow this roof wasn't totally destroyed.  Note
the trailer all hooked up in the right hand side.
This is home...

And here we have another of the FEMA's.  They
didn't splurge on a lot of windows.

More debris from the storm.  As with the other pics
on this page, this is well away from the beach front.

Slightly better picture than the last.

Food available.

Here is a boat found several blocks north of the beach.

Same boat from different angle.

And an enlarged version.

2 trailers front to back.  The one has a wheelchair ramp.

Another home to replace the original.

More debris that needs to be removed.

And a couple of more trailers.

The new office for "Coastal Builders and Designers"

Just threw this in for good measure.

Again, a little late with the camera.  There were 2
trailers on this property, to the left.

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