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 The pics starting with the 3rd picture down on the right side and all the pictures below that on both sides, were taken a few blocks north of Route 90, still heading west.  This indicates that the damage was not only the first row of homes and buildings along the water, but several blocks away from the water got hit hard as well.

Viewing what's left.  There is currently a place to
anchor some boats.

I think this is actually in the town of Pass Christian.
The way everything was destroyed, it is tough to tell.

Not much left to do anything with here.

Foundations are left.

Another home.  This is not a FEMA trailer.

Notice that there are tents in the background.  They
were being used.

Another shot of tents.

More views of nothing.

A pair of "Homes".

Saw more than one spot like this.  There are multiple
"homes" on a single lot.

Definately a FEMA home in temporary use.

Not positive, but it appears this home survived.

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