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The first several pictures were not taken along route 90.  They were taken a couple of blocks north of route 90 along some smaller side streets.  The later pictures were along route 90..

Couple of blocks north of the beach and route 90.

Obviously, there should be something between
where we are, and where those buildings are.

Debris along the side of the road.  With all the other
stuff that needs to be dealt with, I guess this is not
all that important.

A new "home" on a concrete slab.

Yup, another FEMA "house".

Behind the tree is a concrete slab, and to the left
is a trailer.

And here we have the "Sherrifs" Department.  Nobody
is having the time of their life, and things are not back
to normal.

More cleanup and burning of debris.

This was taken to show the steps leading to nowhere.

This is a pic of the opposite side of the steps to nowhere.

Are you beginning to get the idea of what is left here?

This is a shot towards the Gulf from a couple of
blocks north of the beach / rt 90.

This is one of the few structures that survived near
the beach, but it's not intact.

These people have a sink left.

Doesn't the water look nice and calm today?

This is a view of Rt 90.  This is the West bound lane,
with the picture facing the east.  The east bound lane
is to the right of the trees.

Another shot of  the last picture.

I think this building might be in the stages of being
rebuilt, but it was really tough to tell.

This was getting to the end of being able to drive
west on route 90.  As you can see, the road was
closed ahead.  The road was destroyed by Katrina.

This owner left instructions not to bulldoze what was
 left of his structure.

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