Non broadband, or 1x Network.

These tests were run with a Sierra 580 Air Card

These tests were also run in April 2006.  This is a series of tests conducted about an hour after the broadband test, which would make this around 3:00 in the afternoon.  This was run from a slightly different location than Lancaster, Pa., where there was no broadband access, and we were using  the 1x network.  At the bottom of the page is the Sprint connection manager, so you can see what it looks like when not in a broadband area. Notice the single arrows pointing up and down. Actual download speeds will be about 8 - 10 % of what you  see here, or downloading files at about 9 or 10 KiloBytes per second.  What you see listed below is in kilobits per second.  This connection is about double the speed of standard dial up access.  A definate improvement, although a little expensive for  the speed.  However, the portability of it is great.

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