EVDO vs 1X network for Sprint Air Card for Internet Access.

These tests were run using a laptop computer, and Sprints air cards for internet access.

Here are some test results from running speed tests while on Sprints EVDO (broadband) service as compared to their 1X service when broadband areas are not available.  You need to understand that depending on time of day, and location that these speed tests are not guaranteed.  In your area, or different time of day, the results may vary slightly, or in extreme cases, they could vary quite a bit.  Below are the results I achieved running speed tests.  I have run some of these tests from states like, Pa., Va., N & S Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Miss, Louisiana, and Texas.  Most of the time, the results were similar, although with EVDO, or broadband, I have seen results as low as 400 kbps download speed.  The broadband varies more than the 1X network.  I would say generally, the non broadband areas are about 2 times the speed of standard dial up.  These speed tests were run at two different locations while I was stationary, and just as traffic on a highway can cause delays.  so too, can internet and cell phone traffic slow your connection down, as cell phone towers are used for the connection.  I also threw in a Panera Bread Wifi location just to give you some comparative results.  Generally, in our area, (south central Pa.), cable internet will be even much faster than the Wifi location.  This will give you something to compare your results, or expectations to.

Sprint Broadband Results Rev 0

Sprint Broadband Results Rev A

Sprint 1x Network

Free Wifi Location

Link to run your own Speed Test

Link to Sprint to check your state for Broadband Internet Access

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